These two are not actually involved with each other, in fact they loathe each other.

Which is why my Death Knight takes sadistic pleasure in making that poor goblin’s life a living hell whenever he can.

(He’s also rude as all hell. I apologize in advance for his coarse language.)


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Yur art be purrty!!! ~<3

None of it is mine, but I’m sure the artists appreciate the compliment! :B


So the group had an art exchange for easter that I totally missed the signups for because I was getting married at the time. So instead I volunteered to adopt anyone who didn’t get their half of their trade.

This is for, of her goblin mage (Kizzi). I decided since it was sort of supposed to be easter-ish I would put in a rabbit of sorts, and plonk it in a fairly colorful place in WoW (Azshara). Just something a bit on the faster side but I think it’s pretty neat :) - - Commission Info


Dazzle-Camouflage: asdfgh man I really wanna draw magical girl keevy and stix
Dazzle-Camouflage: like with really hairy legs in skirts
Thrillho 눈‿  눈: omfg
Dazzle-Camouflage: ‘In the name of the moon we’ll fuckin break your kneecaps’



Nixxle Goldbolt, at your service. Rogue and mercenary desperately trying to make some money- is willing to do just about anything for the right price. He’ll babysit your fuckin’ kids if he has to.

He actually doesn’t have facepaint but I just. Really wanted to paint it. So. My goblin man.

Not shown are his golden incisors and the stud in his tongue. I imagine the gums of his mouth and tongue fairly dark. He’s really quite alright I might add- I just noticed the goblins sometimes have somewhat dark sclera and I played with that.

Also because I flipped the image for aesthetic reasons (in the bottom picture) the details on the skullpainted one(rings, scars, etc) are on the wrong side. Left and unpainted Nixxle is accurate.


What goblins from other cartels and hometowns say when gbblins from Ratchet walk by


The things my watchers do to me.

This is oddly appropriate, as both Snowbell and myself have done belly dancing at some point in the past, and thus both own coin belts in real life. Seriously though, that can’t be good for their health. (Nor my hand’s—never again with that many coins and that much gold. Augh, the pain!)

The follow-up to this one.


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warcraft perfect fancast:

danny devito as gallywix


My characters are adorable.