My characters are adorable.


getting to work on trades and commissions - here be Del’s ! 
for noseshark of ‘er rad character Zanzik! 



an ooold gift for my friend Lauren of her super awesome lady goblin warrior and super awesome lady orc shaman, circa Cata launch

i saw this pop up on my dash again except they linked it to my years old/unused DA page.  rebagel this one instead.  don’t go to DA you’ll probably get a virus lol


*desperately crying*

"Oh, how I miss the touch of your Hair, my Love!…"

(Pssst, it’s Freedom Fighter Gob’s boyfriend teehee)


I hate drawing clothes which is probably why Pipsky wears so little but we can use the excuse that it’s probably p. warm in Orgrimmar.

also she got kinda chubby when did this happen

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Flizz and El’s Isle of Giants themesong

There were no survivors.

casually brings this back


Please drop us a line if ya’d like ta attend we hope ta see ya there!

Hey there, My name is Gigi and I'm a Co-GM from Megabucks Trading Co and Trizz mentioned your name for asking if possible to do some cross server/moonguard event promotions for Goblins? I have a rather big post up on my blog but it is small, and we're hoping to include as many Goblins in this as possible with prizes to be given out as well as new RP leads to pursue in our little green community. Could you perhaps please take a look and consider helping us out to make Gobbikah a big RP event?

Sure, I don’t see why not! :)

talho goblin shaman by AngelKittyKatMeow

Hey Toots. by kiwifluff